Buy Nothing Day

Today November 23rd & November 24th are the national & international Buy Nothing Days. Learn more at or Fortunately for me "buying nothing" will not be hard because as of today November 23rd, 2012, I haven't been graced with my dream salary to go along with my dream job. ;)

Seriously though, if I don't need it, I do without. When I leave this mortal coil, I'll be taking none of the stuff that I've acquired over a lifetime. Sure there are plenty of material possessions that I treasure, I am human after all. Items from my deceased maternal granny, my photo albums. I strive to be okay with who I am. Where I am in the world. What I'm doing in the world. What I have acquired. I don't agree with everything that Abraham Maslow (deceased, American Psychologist) wrote but I would love to someday get to self-actualization at the top of his pyramid. Therefore not caring about the material and/or unimportant things I often covet.

Okay I'm going to rant & vent a little bit. A couple of material things I have no desire for/understand the excess of:

-Those ugly, id="mce_marker"000 + designer, handmade bags. I don't care if they're handmade. If I don't like how it looks, I don't care who designed it. Even if I had the money, I think it's stupid to spend so much on a bag. Plus a lot of these items are bought because it's trending and everyone else is doing it. Listen, if I like something that's trending I'll participate, but I'm not doing it just because everyone else is. I've found this is not just a high school or young person's thing to do. So many adults are going along just because, not because they really want to. Just saying.

-A 3 or 4 person family living in a 35, 000 sq-ft home. Really? I'll find another way to invest my money. That home would echo, echo, echo. Unnecessary (IMO). Plus, I know it's about image and keeping up with the Jones. Unless you have 20 kids, and all the grandparents live in that house, with the live-in help, it's too big. Don't get me wrong. I have no desire to live in a mud hut. I'd like a beautiful & spacious home but I'm not going to buy/build big to impress others or to fulfill something within myself.

Of course I had to mention the "season of giving". I don't really buy gifts for people. I don't expect gifts either. Actually I prefer that I don't. I know that's weird to some of you but that's how I feel. I know many people, in my family as well, think it's horrible if you don't have gifts for every person in your family, friends and neighbours. Well, that's too bad. I'm spending the holiday with you because I want to SPEND TIME WITH YOU. Not because I'm hoping to cash in big on gifts. There are so many opportunities throughout the year to do things, including buying, why put so much pressure on yourself & others, because of the holidays?

What are your thoughts on Buy Nothing Day or many in societies the  obsessiveness with having stuff we often don't need?

Song of the Week:Try - The Truth About Love TryPink, The Truth About Love, 2012, RCA Records. See Try, live performance. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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