Buying Our First Home

     We are buying our first house.  Not in December, after we've saved up a huge downpayment, but right now.  I'm am shocked and amazed by what God is doing in our lives right now.  In this moment, I cannot believe that it is actually happening.  I know that it is His hand because of how smoothly it has all gone.  Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, right? 

     We looked at the house on the lot of land a few times, and a couple of times without the realtor too.  The thing was, there were so many uncertainties.  Would the septic work?  Would we even be able to buy the house because the hot water heater was missing (which technically makes it un-sellable because it doesn't meet the minumun for safe living conditions)?  How bad was the water running across the property (we saw signs on the lot that quite a bit of water flows through it when it rains)?  Then, right as I had my heart set on moving into that house, we were standing in front of it and I found a glass mason jar filled with dead scorpions.  It was like a sign: Run, get out while you still can!  

     I could see in my husband's face that he really wanted me to be happy, but he wanted something totally different in a house.  So, I got online and looked up some other houses in our price range.  For the same price, we could buy either the wrecked house on an acre, or a really beautiful house that was ready to live in where we would have access to swimming pools, parks, a pond, and a golf course.  In his eyes, I knew there would be no comparison at all.  I knew we had to go look so he didn't regret the decision forever...the decision that I made.  

     I prayed to God that if this was supposed to happen, we would know it.  That funding would work out (it has been a mess in the past when we've looked because my husband works a commission based job), that our offer would be accepted quickly, and that there would be no doubts as to whether we should have the house instead of the house on an acre.   I even told him that if this fell through, I still wanted to consider the house on an acre. 

     We went and saw 11 houses in one day with all four kids!  It was insane and wonderful all at the same time.  I'm so glad we got to include them, but it was a crazy train!  We settled on two houses we liked the best and decided to put in offers on both.  The one I really loved, we didn't think we would get because it had only been on the market for four days and I assumed the owner would want to get multiple offers if she could.  As we were putting in an offer on the other house, it sold!  So we chose to put in an offer on my favorite (the two houses were the same model in the same neighborhood, just with different amenities).  Our offer was accepted after a tiny bit of negotiations, the appraisal came in at the exact dollar amount we needed it to, and there was really nothing wrong in the house.  The inspection came out great.  I mean, it was crazy.  The bank we are working with has been amazing, and everything has gone so smoothly that it almost seems unreal.  

Unreal.  Totally a God thing.  This house is going to be such an amazing blessing to our family.  I am so stoked I can barely contain myself!  

So, my standard for moving and staying simple is this: if we don't use it, it doesn't come with us.  We are still downsizing stuff, even though we are upsizing in house.  I will organize and tuck away things so I don't have to look at everything all the time.  We will not collect a billion things we don't need, and we will be generous in giving and donating things we don't need.  We can still live simply in a bigger house; I think it is possible.  

Until we get moved, my blog posts on organizing are on hiatus.  It doesn't make sense for me to continue on until we are in the new place.  I will have new spaces to organize, a whole new house to clean and maintain, and a new neighborhood to get used to.  It's a big exciting time for us.  

Until next time, take care!


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