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BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12Updated: BlogHer Entrepreneurs ‘12 kicks off today in Santa Clara, CA for two days of learning, mentoring, networking and connecting. The buzz on Twitter and blogs is picking up as people are already traveling and getting excited for the event. I’ve been following along, a bit bummed I can’t attend with all of these amazing women, and thought I’d share some of that fun and inspiring buzz with you.

As you'll see via these tweets, the official Twitter hashtag for the conference is #blogherent12. Be sure to follow along today and Friday, as we know our conference attendees are great at sharing pertinent quotes, amazing photos and fun snippets of conversation throughout their experience. We'll have day-in-tweet recaps, liveblogs starting this evening, and an overall post-conference buzz post, so keep checking back over the next days!

Of course, people are tweeting:

As always, people have started posting about their pre-conference excitement in their own blog spaces as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what Michelle at PinQue has to say after the conference because she piqued my interest with her post about attending.

As if that wasn’t enough to turn my frown around, yesterday I received a sponsorship from BlogHer and Tagged to attend the BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference in two weeks in California. Good things are happening, good things. And I like it. I like it a lot.

Earlier this month, BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone wrote about the conference on her own blog. She included what she wrote in her weekly newsletter. She shared her inspiring journey with Co-Founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins and then said this about the conference itself:

We hope you can join us. And even if you can’t, I hope you enjoy the look into our list of great people who’ve opened up their big brains and huge hearts and helped us along, too. If you’re forming a board, we recommend them …

I am so excited to see what comes out of this conference -- and not just in blog post in tweet form. I feel that attendees are going to be inspired to move forward with their ideas and that big changes are on the horizon for their lives and, by association, ours as well!

We’ll be following along with the conference as it happens, and I’ll be getting those liveblogs -- that our amazing volunteers will be working on -- up and on the site. Be sure to follow that #blogherent12 hashtag, as we’ll announce each time one of the panel liveblogs goes live on our site. It should be a fun day of learning even for those of us at home. I hope you can join us!

Also, just a tip if you’re attending: Download the BlogHer Entrepreneurs ‘12 mobile app before the conference tomorrow!

Edited to Add: Check back tonight -- March 22, 2012 -- for liveblogs and more buzz!


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