Bye Bye Robin Williams

I'm helping my patient get settled and we both hear...BREAKING NEWS! This grabs our attention. Then I hear it and immediately my thoughts are "Oh C***!" Then my thoughts turn to "How sad, and he must have been in so much mental pain." Robin Williams has a warm place in my heart and in many hearts of others. For us here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we feel Robin Williams as one of our own family. He's lived here most of his adult life, he's played here, performed here, and made his mark.

Thank you Mashable for putting together a synopsis of his body of work, giving me the opportunity to share this video.

We have all had painful experiences, including myself. I cannot even understand the depth of Robin Williams' pain. If you feel depressed and are considering suicide, have a plan for suicide, or considering hurting someone else because of your pain, then please reach out to others. If you need to talk about it anonymously call the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Nobody needs to walk alone



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