C Is for Create

After A Is for Attitude and B Is for Balance ... I’ve come to a choice of what resonates most for me when confronted with the letter C.

Create: 1. To cause to exist; bring into being. 2. To give rise to; produce. 3. To invest with an office or title; appoint. 4. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort: create a poem; create a role.

Great! By definition No. 4, we are all creators, as we rise and face our blog page just aching for new characters to be lined up into words, words to string themselves into sentences, and sentences naturally to organize themselves into paragraphs!

By an even broader measure, we are also creating friendships, connections, and a network of shared intelligence. Thanks to BlogHer and YOU, “create” has taken on these added dimensions—making this blank page all the more compelling to fill ... 

Looking at the smaller, microcosmic aspect of creating—we in a sense also shape our moments in time by how we fill them, the quality and character of our efforts to “corral” time—to capture and use it in productive ways (or to let it sift like sand through our fingers).

Without getting all metaphysical about it—create is certainly a powerful word, yet one that is also within our grasp.

This morning, I’m writing while waiting for someone to meet me here—and I wasn’t sure I could train my attention toward something “creative” in what could have remained less-than-fruitful minutes of sipping more coffee and watching the clock!

I’m not sure what “clicks” in my brain that suddenly opens the creative valve as it does. Sometimes it is coming up with an opening sentence—after which the rest of the blog seems to flow forward organically.

Other times it is something I see on the internet that spurs my interest and reaction—such as a statistic or a breaking headline. I can tell from many of your blogs and topics that that is often true for you as well!

But sometimes, as with this Alphabetarium I’m writing, I just want to chew on a word for its own sake, worry it like a dog with a bone until I’ve got a new edge on its meaning for me.

Create is a word that those of us with religious backgrounds take to naturally. But it seems that “created,” the adjective form, is now considered “archaic” by the American Heritage Dictionary. http://www.answers.com/topic/create An example of how current scientific assumptions have an effect on language development and usage—though it is usually gradual.

We used to talk about the “created” world without blinking an eyelash. And in fact, while exploring the lower-level implications of the term create, my mind can’t help also soaring at times, to the highest levels as well.

Does the fact that we create make a difference globally?

Author Matthew Fox (famous for “creation spirituality,” and from whom I once took a graduate school course) wrote that “All work worthy of being called spiritual and worthy of being called human is in some way prophetic work. It contributes to the growth of justice and compassion in the world; it contributes to social transformation, not for its own sake but for the sake of increasing justice. Such work is, in a real sense, God’s work. By it we become co-creators with a God who is both just and compassionate, a lover of beauty who desires that it be shared by all creation.”

I don’t see a downside to creating moments we can live with, together, as co-creators ... and even to seeing this, in a sense, as God’s work too.

Let’s care about Attitude, Balance, Beauty (about which I also recently wrote)—and let's continue to Create!



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