C-Section Recovery Tips

Both vaginal and C-section deliveries involve some recovery time, but C-sections often require more. As a surgery, C-sections involve stitches or staples and added doctor visits. Many women experience pain for a longer period after a C-section. The following tips, however, can help women recover as quickly as possible.


Stick to Medication Schedule

 Women are typically prescribed medication in the hospital to help them cope with the pain of their surgery. It's important to stick to the medication schedule established in the hospital. Why suffer needlessly? By taking medication on time, you'll be in happier state of mind to care for your new baby. The medications will diminish pain while your body heals.



 Hospital staff will encourage you to get up and walk within twenty-four hours of your delivery. It's important to move so that your body's functions can get back on track. Lying around will leave you stiff and achy while moving encourages recovery. Although you certainly need rest, don't forget to make movement a substantial part of your daily routine.


Wear a Belly Wrap

 Many women discover that wearing a belly wrap after their C-section substantially enhances their recovery. A belly wrap provides great support for the healing incision. Women find that movement is easier when they have the support they need. Pregnancy bands can also help re-contour the body's shape, as pregnancy weight is lost.

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Eat Well

 It's important to eat nutritious foods that will support your body during the healing process. Drink plenty of water too. Hydration allows the body to repair itself. You'll find that healing is enhanced when healthful foods are part of the menu.


Light Lifting

 It's important to refrain from lifting anything heavier than your baby for about six weeks after your C-section. Your tummy muscles need plenty of time to heal after your surgery. The stress of lifting can increase the time your muscles need to completely recover.


Follow these tips after your C-section so you will experience a quick recovery. Enjoy your baby while your body heals and take time to rest when you are able. The post-pregnancy period can be difficult, so take it easy on yourself and luxuriate in time spent with your new baby.

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