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Every time I keep hoping on a slightly warm breeze that spring is just around the corner, it snows again. We're dealing with some wicked cabin fever, though we do go outside every chance we get. Sometimes though, you just can't go outside: blizzard winds, illnesses, and other winter woes can keep you inside with your kids for days on end. You might feel stuck in the same rut, unsure of what to do to keep your kids busy (and yourself sane). This list of great ideas from Sara at Family Organic might inspire you -- while simultaneously letting you know that you're not alone in the twitch-inducing, too-much-togetherness of winter.

Her first idea is two-fold:

1. Coloring (With a Purpose)

About a year and half ago, I bought a gigantic package of various colors of construction paper at a warehouse store. $10 for over a year of entertainment is my kind of bargain. Coloring is, by itself, pretty entertaining for small children. You can make it even more important by making it a "mission." Family member's birthday coming up? Valentine's Day? St. Patrick's Day? Easter? Have the kids "make" cards for family members. Don't get all perfectionist about either, just fold the paper into a card shape and let the kids do the rest. Then ask them what they drew and label it. My 3 year old son's most recent card had "motors" and "Mommy getting bonked on the head," sure to entertain the recipients more than a store bought card for the holiday. Bonus: You could even skip buying the $5 Hallmark card altogether and just send the ones made with love instead. Who doesn't love that?

Cabin Fever
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Continue reading her post for six more ideas -- some of which are definitely evidence of outside-of-the-(crayon)-box thinking!


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