Cake Baking Trick

My husband LOVES Carrot Cake.  Every once in a while I make him one (and try not to eat the entire thing myself!) One of the biggest issues I have when making that cake is it sticking to the pan.  I always grease and flour my pans, but this one still sticks.  The cake itself is sticky, so I understand why - but it's still frustrating!  It's hard to ice a cake that's crumbled from digging it from the pan!

I actually do NOT enjoy greasing and flouring my pans.. I feel like it takes too long to prep.  (Silly, I know).  This time I decided to do something different (something I've never done before, but I'm sure someone probably has) - and HOLY COW I'm never doing anything different EVER AGAIN!

What you Need:
Wax Paper
Oil Spray
Start out by tracing the bottom of your pan onto the wax paper.  Your ink won't actually transfer onto the wax paper, but you'll be able to see a faint line from where you traced.
Cut traced line and place wax paper into the bottom of your pan.  Spray with oil spray.  Then just pour your batter into the pan.
Bake like normal.
Once cake is baked and cooled, turn cakes over and give them a little tap (or a larger tap.. in my case) and the cakes FALL OUT.  NO STICKING!!!!  Simply peel wax paper from your cake and there you go! PERFECT cakes and NO sticking to the pan!
The hallelujah chorus may have been playing when I took these cakes from the pan.. I was so stinking excited that this little trick worked!


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