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You are either a lover or a hater of Marzipan....its one of those things, most people will have tasted it at some stage in their lives mostly through wedding cakes but whether it has been made really well and taste a different story. 

image: beantin


what is marzipan? 

Marzipan is a mixture of sugar, honey and almond meal and used as a means to decorate cakes either as cake frosting's or more elaborate designs such as imitation flowers, fruits and so much more. 



My very first memory of Marzipan was when I was 4 or 5 years old and my sister who at the time was 16 had to make a fruit cake for her school and decorate it with Marzipan. 

I remember just wanting to eat the Marzipan as it was so sweet. Later on in my life, I attended several weddings, only to discover that the Marzipan was rock hard and not very nice. I was very determined that for my own wedding cake the Marzipan would be amazing, soft and sweet. After detailed discussions with our cake lady - she made the most beautiful white chocolate mud cake with a soft marzipan. 

This is an excellent tutorial by 'Love'n Bake News in a Nutshell' who demonstrates step by step how to make roses for cakes and cupcakes with a great recipe. 

Love'n Bake News in a Nutshell


If you need something more visual to watch - check out the link below - it is a great youtube tutorial on how to make roses. Although the Marzipan is already made, the process on rolling it out and shaping is a really good way to learn.




Once you have learnt how to do some sugar work - Marzipan can really transform cupcakes to another level. Imagine having a girly affair...a lovely high tea party with cupcakes that are pretty, fun and made all by you!!!



This cake is truly a centerpiece  I love the color and decoration of the white rose. It really does transform an ordinary cake to another level. 

quirky wedding cake ideas



I thought this wedding cake had a real point of difference to it and showcases the skill of the cake maker as well. The way in which the tree embraces the cake and the fruit look so real too.  




A little drama on the wedding cake above, it's gorgeous and I love the work, the color and detail of it. This cake is really fun and quirky. It would have been such the talking point. 

baby shower ideas


And what about some ideas for baby showers, these would be one of the highlights for the mum to be....They are absolutely adorable and ever so sweet. I love how this little baby is curled up and sleeping. It looks so real!!


 Now I am really being brought back to some memories looking at the babies below all wrapped up in the blankets.    




 If you had any doubts about Marzipan or needed that extra little inspiration to transform the humble cupcake to another level - I think this would have done the trick. I am really looking forward to doing some really pretty Marzipan work -- I am really in love with the flowers, so feminine and pretty.




Have a beautiful day, and if you are already a master at Marzipan, please share your thoughts, tips and tricks.



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