Caleb's Crossing is Bethia's Journey

BlogHer Review

Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks was a book that I felt had an authentic voice and was also enjoyable. Told from the view point of Bethia Mayfield, Caleb's Crossing is about her view and interaction of the life (loosely-based) of Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck, an actual Native American historical figure who attended and graduated from Harvard University. While I really enjoyed the interaction between Caleb and Bethia, and reading about the reality of Bethia's life as a young woman, I found that the story would have been better titled, Bethia's journey. Caleb really seemed like a more minor character to me.

Life in the 1600's was not easy as it was let alone a young woman who had social rules she had to follow. Bethia has a spirit worthy of 2011. She is a strong woman who lived a hard life, and Caleb as her best friend, helped her weather the daily storms. While the voice was authentic, I did find it hard at times to follow at times, but it was enjoyable to read and I loved the historical accuracy.


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