Yearning to Learn: Caleb's Crossing

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This is the first book that I have read a book from Geraldine Brooks and I will have to say I was not disappointed at all in Caleb's Crossing. Although it did start out slow for me, on or around page 21 is when I had a hard time putting the book down. I was drawn to the main character Bethia as she described in detail her life circa 1660. I think I was drawn to her mostly because of the similarities of myself and her character. I loved reading about her quick tongue and sharp mind and could relate to her in the since that we both at times, speak and then think afterwards. Also, the main character Bethia and I are alike in the way we yearn to learn, seeing everything as an opportunity to learning no matter what the cost or if the means may seem beneath us.

I was drawn to the forbidden childhood friendship of hers and Caleb’s and with each turn of the page could not wait to see where their relationship would take me. I loved reading how each was so eager to teach the other about their life and they way their life differed so much and in return so willing to be taught. So many times in this era, education was only reserved for those who were privileged to be born in the right family or for the men only. At times I was also frustrated in the fact that women were so unworthy when it came to an education as in those deemed unworthy like the Indians.

I would recommend this book to others to read. I think like myself, those who read this will love to follow Bethia and her family through the struggles that life had on families in that era.

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