Caleb's Crossing: Bah! #Patriarchy!

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Ever since my mom gave me a copy of Year of Wonders, years and years ago, I've been a big fan of Geraldine Brooks and was thrilled beyond words when I found out Caleb's Crossing would be the first book reviewed by the brand new BlogHer Book Club. As reviews from the community poured in, I avoided the ones that seemed like they would contain the most spoilers and waited impatiently for my opportunity to dig in.

Thank goodness, Brooks did not let me down. Caleb's Crossing is great historical literary fiction and exactly what I hoped I'd find in Brooks' newest offering.

Bethia's story, because this is her story and not Caleb's, pulled me in and had me muttering #patriarchy under my breath all the way through it, which was no surprise. A girl in the 1600's was expected to know her place -- and keep to it.

What did surprise me was the almost physical pain I felt for these characters as they left the beauty of their island for Harvard. Anyone who's ever moved from a small town to a metropolis (or the other way around) understands the emotional stress involved with such an environmental change. I found myself wondering at the emotional strength of Caleb to have been able to not only survive such a change but to go on to graduate from Harvard.

Caleb's Crossing isn't my favorite Geraldine Brooks novel but it's close -- very close. Bethia's story, and Caleb's too, will stick with me for a very long time.

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