Caleb's Crossing Review

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In Geraldine Brooks' new novel Caleb's Crossing Bethia wanted to be educated however, due to being a female, education was not really available to her. Instead she gets to watch Caleb graduate from Harvard. Not just a simple thing, Caleb was the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College.

The character I related to the most was Bethia. She is the narrator and provides the details of both herself and other characters. I really liked how the characters are described by Bethia. When I first started reading the book it seemed that some of the events were not in order, but when reading further I realized why it was written that way. I felt sad that Bethia was not given an equal chance at an education because she was a girl. She describes her yearning for an education and it’s sad.

Once I had finished reading the first chapter I was not able to put Caleb's Crossing down. There were some explanations to some of the things that were mentioned earlier in the book. The writing style of the book kept me hooked. I learned a lot about Bethia and the things that she liked and disliked. It was really interesting to hear her input about the events or characters in the book. I loved the way she talked about Caleb.

The book was written really well. I like both the writing and the content of the book. The cover of the book was nice, and it is descriptive of the book. I would recommend this book to my friends, it has a really good plot and excellent writing style. I like that Bethia explains things in detail. I find that this sort of narrative character helps me stay interested.

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