California’s Summer – Easy Recipes for this Summer’s Dinner


Are you looking for some interesting yet easy summer recipes? We all know, it’s Spring  Time! And in spring time this Golden State turns green and mesmerizing. Since spring is  here, summers are approaching soon too in May and June. In California, a typical summer  day starts with fog covering the coastline. By the afternoon, fog gets clear and the  temperature is pleasant and comfortable. Summers are the best time to travel here and  having a wonderful time at beaches. In the evening, it again gets colder as fog rolls back into  the city.

 After having a nice time at a beach i.e. soaking in sun. In the evening it’s time to get back to  your shelter and have a nice dinner with your loved ones. In today’s post, I will share 5  interesting and easy recipes that you can try this summer. These recipes are simple and  ideal for the weather!

    1.       Black Bean Salad

 To begin with salads are always good for summers. It’s easy to make and requires no  cooking time; just mix, toss and refrigerate. In this, if you can make a recipe which is healthy  i.e. rich in protein and other vital nutrients and less in fats and calories then you can  definitely achieve that bikini body you are looking for this season. Instead of going same  repetitive chicken salad recipe, you can try some healthy black beans salad. Black beans  are rich in protein, fiber and essential nutrients and it keeps our digestive tract healthy. You  can have this recipe in lunch as well as in dinner. Click Here, to see this recipe.

    2.       Melon and Mango Soup

 Who said soups are just for winters. When you have a nice refreshing cold soups, summer  nights can be more exciting and delightful. This orange-colored soup of melon and mango is  perfect for summers. Make sure you uses the ripest fruit for this recipe, and always wash  the melon and mangoes before you cut into them. This soup is sweet and delicious as is, but  for a slight kick or zing, we have add a tablespoon freshly grated ginger to the recipe. This  recipe is refreshing and must try for summers. Click Here, to find the recipe.

    3.       BBQ Beef Ribs

 It’s a perfect dinner solution. Grilled or BBQ beef or chicken or steak. Barbecuing are meant  for summers. That nice grilled and smoky flavored meat when served with grilled veggies  and dips are supposedly the best dinner solution. This recipe’s secret ingredients are  magic dust and apple city barbecue sauce. This recipe is little sweet in taste, to give some  spicy kick to the sauce you can always add some chili or spice into it. You can also try this  recipe with pork. Whether you make it in a Sunday brunch or in the weekend dinner. This  recipe is something which your whole family will enjoy together. Click Here to get the  recipe.

    4.       Easy Pasta Salads

 Pasta salads are supposedly served cold and they are perfect recipe for the summer. This is  an easy recipe that you can try on any given day. Just mix the ingredients, toss and  refrigerate overnight and serve them cold. Generally a pasta recipe is made with  mayonnaise mixed in pasta and veggies but this recipe got an interesting twist with the  hollandaise sauce. Click Here to find the recipe.

    5.       Iced Fruit Punch

 In summers, we all like to drink something cold and refreshing. And here if we can have  some nice, non-alcoholic, refreshing fruit punches then summer sounds more exciting and  mesmerizing that can mingle your mind. This fruit punch includes flavors of orange,  pineapple, grape, cranberry, and lemon. You can serve this drink even in the dinner parties  and get together. Click Here to get the recipe.

 Make your summer refreshing and stimulating with these easy recipes that you can try  anytime. Enjoy the spring and also let’s welcome the summer. P.S. you can also try some of  the recipes for Easter dinner party like salads and juices.

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