California Tomato Farmers Reviews & Giveaways

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Did you know that California Tomatoes are now available in Canada? We have asked our bloggers who received these fresh tomatoes to create tomato based recipes.

California provides just the right environment for growing tomatoes. Warm days and cool nights make for a meaty tomato that is full of flavor. California tomatoes are now available in Canada starting in May through November.

Read what our bloggers have to say and see for yourself why it's great to have California tomatoes readily available.

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Fresh Stuffed Tomatoes - or, the day California Tomato Farmers saved the day!

Life has a twisted sense of humor sometimes... You see, I was one of the lucky few that got selected by the fine folks over at California Tomato Farmers to try their delicious fresh tomatoes and create an original recipe that would really showcase the freshness and tastiness of their beautiful field-grown fruits. Of course, they provided me with a sample of their precious crop....more

Using Tomatoes in Ways That Kids Will Eat Them: From California Tomato Farmers

A few weeks ago I was asked to talk about California tomatoes. They sent me a HUGE box of tomatoes to use in any recipe I wanted, as long as I could tell you all how great they are. And since my family LOVES tomatoes, I jumped at the chance. These tomatoes are all field-grown in an ideal climate--warm days, cool nights--which helps produce a full, meaty flavour. And they're available fresh in Canada from May to November....more

Candied Tomato and Candied Bacon Pizza

This recipe is so over-the-top delicious it should be a sin. It's homemade pizza dough with some spice thrown in for some extra kick. Then the pizza is topped with mounds of cheese, as any good pizza should be. The real kicker is in the toppings. I made candied tomatoes to put on top. Seriously, you can candy tomatoes. If that wasn't enough pizazz for you, I also candied bacon for the final touch. This is one sinfully good pizza....more

Stuffed California Tomatoes With Rice & Herbs

One of the observations I often hear about Greek cuisine is that the food tastes so much better than over here in North America, and often many wonder "why?" Greek cuisine shines when ingredients are used that are in season, and when it's the middle of summer, that means tomatoes!...more

Handmade Bruschetta on Flatbread: Two Family-Friendly Ways (+ Win A Serrated Tomato Knife & Cutting Board - Giveaway Ends 08/31)

I don't know about you, but lunch at my house can sometimes be a little frustrating. While I'm craving something full of flavour (like a chicken vegetable wrap with lots of sauce and spices), my girls are screaming for the mildest food available on earth (like macaroni & cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches). I've been experimenting with different ideas for lunch that can please both my more mature palate and the girls' milder palate without lots of work on my end....more