Calling All Artists: Let's Talk about Swap Meet Magic for BlogHer '08

Maybe you were there the summer of 2006 in San Jose, chatting up t-shirts with Mrs. Kennedy, trying on SuperHero necklaces with Andrea, wondering where you could get the oh-so-brand new design from Baby Brewing.

Well, I was there, sisters, and I want that Swap Meet back. How about you?

For those of you who missed that lovely evening out by the pool under the stars, here's how it worked. Artists, writers and crafters brought their items for sale and set up shop on little tables along the outskirts of a cocktail party on Saturday night. Bloghers perused the tables, made small talk and then purchases. BlogHer artists and vendors had a chance to meet one another as well as the women who support our work. Sounds fabulous, right?

So here's what I'm wondering:

1. If you are attending the BlogHer Conference in San Francisco in 2008, would you like to see the Swap Meet return to regular scheduled programming? (If yes, please state if you would be a seller or a shopper!) To really make this happen, I think we need a flood of comments, so don't be shy!

2. For the would-be sellers among us, what kinds of things would you bring to sell? If you were to put yourself in a category, which of these best apply: art, photographs, crafts, jewelry, books or fiber? Feel free to make up your own category, if the pigeon-holing of your marvelousness offends.

3. For the would-be sellers, how long would you like to sit and sell your wonderful things? Help us come up with a reasonable time-frame for Swap Meet Magic.

Please answer in the comments and also, pretty, pretty please consider spreading the word of this discussion on your own blog, directing conversation back to this post.


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