Calling all lazy moms!

I'm a lazy mom, I freely admit it.  I love my girl to death but I'm still lazy.  Lazy in terms of feeding, see I'm a breast feeding mother, something I hated like hell in the beginning.  Now 3 months in I have nothing but great things to say about it.  For something that's so natural it sure as hell doesn't come that natural to every momma, if it did for you I envy you!  To this day I am forever grateful to my aunt for telling me to stick with it.  Onward to the lazy part, see I've come up with ways to feed my girl but still use both hands!  At this very moment I'm typing my first ever blog post while feeding and watching Swamp People ( told ya I'm from the South ).  It's easy enough, if you have somewhat of a broad couch arm you can do it too!!  Just sit your baby up as if they are sitting up but somewhat leaning towards your armpit ( I hope you're wearing deoderant! ).  Then latch em' on!  I'm fully aware of the fact that more experienced momma's already do this, but for this momma it's awesome!  It's something I could have never done with bottles!  Are there any other lazy mommas out there that have more ingenious ideas for hands free feeding? 

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