Calling All Risk Takers!

Hi, I am calling all risk takers!! This Lindspiration is for anybody who has ever taken a risk that greatly altered the course of your existence. This could be in the career realm, relationship realm or anything really. I don't care. I mean, I do care. I care A LOT. I find risk takers incredibly INSPIRING. So, if you took a risk and you're willing to share your experience, would you please leave a comment or respond to my FB post? 

Did you:

1. Leave the comfort and security of a day job with minimal savings to pursue your passions full time?

2. Tell someone you have a little crush on them and it ended up sparking something serious?

3. Go bungee jumping?

4. Put $2,000 of your hard earned money to finance a passion project?

5. Share your own experience on someone else's blog

6. Move to a brand new city based on an intuitive flash or knowing you'd somehow be happier with the change. 


You get the drift.

Email me your full story at, if you dare. :) I would love to publish highlights for my readers!



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