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Hi everyone, Virginia here. For the last month or so, I've been settling into a new job here at BlogHer as the Section Editor for Tech.

As Section Editor for Tech, my whole job is to find great content about tech by women bloggers and bring it into BlogHer to feature or spotlight.

women speaking about tech

I'm always looking for new voices from women who write about tech. If you are one such female tech blogger, here's how you can get noticed by BlogHer Tech.

  • Register your blog as a tech blog with BlogHer. How do I add my blog to the Blog Directory? Are there any rules about adding blogs?
  • Once you are registered with BlogHer you can create blog posts that appear here on BlogHer. If you categorize them as Tech, I'll notice them. Member posts are often featured on the main Tech page – sometimes under What's Hot, sometimes under Series and Features.
  • Posts from your own blog might be worthy of syndication on BlogHer. What is Syndication on BlogHer tells you all about syndication and how to let us know you have something you'd like to have considered for syndication.
  • If I know your blog is out there – either because you registered it here or contacted me about it – I might curate a post from your blog. That means it would be featured here with a link to your blog.
  • If you need to contact me about BlogHer story ideas you have, I'm virginia.debolt AT blogher DOT com.

What is the Tech Section About?

First, it's NOT about blogging and Social Media. We have a separate section on BlogHer for blogging and social media.

The Tech section is about all kinds of tech information. The definition is a little loose and may include everything from industry news, geeky information about running a blog or website, trends, apps, software, and more.

Any kind of gadget or gear that falls into the tech category is certainly a good topic.

Gaming is under the Tech umbrella – game culture, video games (and the gadgets that run them), gaming events, gaming trends, women in gaming are all part of that.

Finally, the Tech section includes general Internet news. That might mean the latest Internet protocol or news about net neutrality. Again, the definitions are a bit loose.

Are you there?

BlogHer's mission is to bring attention and provide community to women bloggers. If you are a woman blogging about tech, I'd like to shine some BlogHer attention and love on you and your blog. If you haven't registered your blog on BlogHer yet, this is a good time to let us know you are out there.

If you have already registered your blog on BlogHer but aren't taking advantage of the opportunity to create blog posts here, this is a good time to start doing that.

What's My Thing?

What's my interest in Tech? You can check out my personal blog at Web Teacher to find out my particular interests. Quick summary: web education, HTML, CSS, accessibility, web standards, web education curriculum. I've written a lot about those things, both on my blog and in four books on those topics.

I'm also interested in writing and writing practice. I have a blog for that too, at First 50 Words. As you can see at my personal site at, I've written four books about writing. Those books were for teachers, but the writing prompts on First 50 Words are for anyone.

If you detected a theme of education and teaching in my description of myself, it's because I'm a retired teacher – now on my third or fourth career as a techie and tech writer.

Can we Talk?

Now that you know all about me, I want to know all about you. If you haven't connected with BlogHer before now, get in touch. Let's get acquainted and talk tech!

Image Credit: veesees, one of many photos in the Women in Tech group on Flickr.

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech

Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.


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