This calls for Guinness Cookies. Yeah, you heard me.

As many know, I am a breastfeeder and I love it. (In fact, I'm doing it right now!) Athena drank breast milk until she was 2 1/2, and I never had a supply issue until I got pregnant with Zofia. Pregnancy made my milk disappear completely. Athena decided organic milk was tasty, so she switched and made it a non-issue.

Since Zofia was a week old I have had enough milk to feed 3 babies. The only problem was it came out like a fire hose and made her cough, sputter, and fuss. I started researching and discovered that I had breastmilk oversupply & hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. So I started using their suggestions for cutting back. This was a mistake. My production has PLUMMETTED. I'm freakin' out man. I'm in panic mode. I'm making her nurse like crazy, I'm adding pumping sessions, and I'm drinking beer. Call it an old-wives' tale if you must, but it's always worked for me. The problem? I don't like beer. The solution?

Grumbles and Grunts' World Famous Milk Maker Cookies!!

Oatmeal and beer are two of many items thought to increase milk supply, so a-baking we went!

(Athena's baking in her witch costume.)

These cookies are the perfect vehicle to get all the oatmeal and beer-y goodness into me without all the beer-y taste or alcohol! And this morning? I nursed Zofia then pumped out 3 extra feedings .

I believe that's what you call BOO-YAH!!!!!


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