Campaign Break


I can be horrible – it's not that I mean to be. It's just one of my many flaws.


My first reaction to tragedy is to find something about it I can laugh about. It's practically a compulsion. It can be seen as an insensitive and down-right unfriendly social skill and/or curse, depending upon which side you’re on. Following my mastectomy, I told several other patients in the hospital to be careful. “When I went to sleep,” I told them, “ I woke up without breasts”  Then, a friend of ours lost his left foot due to complications of diabetes, I told him he looked a lot shorter. When he looked at me as if I were nut, I said, “Your wife told me you lost a foot.”


He eventually forgave me and I now work much harder at curbing my acerbic wit until people have an opportunity to heal. All of which brings us to Hurricane Sandy.


I understand the concept of “Nor’easter” having been caught in Auburn, New York in the midst of such a storm one spring. It was nothing like Sandy, of course, but I found it plenty challenging just the same. The worst of that adventure was being stuck for three days in a Holiday Inn with several middle-school hockey teams. Nuff said.


I must say that I’m proud of President Obama for his handling of the storm situation so far. First of all, in an effort to act Presidential in the face of such impending calamity, he cancelled campaign stops and went back to Washington, DC from whence, we think, he will supervise the federal response to the disaster. Good for you, Barry. What’s more, he hasn’t yet blamed George Bush for the mess. (Wait for it, though. I’m sure he’ll get around to saying that Sandy was born of an unholy alliance between big oil and global warming.)


I’m confident that the incumbent is thankful for this monster storm for more than one reason. Not does Sandy provide him with an opportunity to look leaderly, but it also takes over the news cycle which gives him a break (a short one, we hope) from the ever-growing American interest in Benghazi-gate. The story may even dominate the news long enough for him to announce that his Iranian-born senior advisor and gal pal, Valerie Jarrett, has managed to broker a deal with her Iranian friends – the ones she met with in October during a visit to Qatar – to finally shut down the Iranian nuclear program. This whole Sandy thing may salvage Obama’s second bid for the White House.


Try as I might, I cannot find the first funny thing about an Obama second term.


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