Camper or Camp Volunteer: When Do You Make the Switch?

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Going to camps during the summer remains the highlight of many a summer vacation. Quite honestly, I only briefly pondered helping out with a younger kids' camp. My pondering stopped when I realized it conflicted with my camp attendance. This post at The Pinay Perspective addresses just that: When do you allow your kids to become a camp counselor and are those kids then missing out on the joys of their own camping experience? I'd love to hear how other parents of camp-loving families addressed this issue!

Camper or Camp Counselor: Not an Easy Choice to Make:

kids camp '07 136This year, while her friends have been planning what camps they were going to, Shaina only had one plan, to go back and be a volunteer camp counselor. When we mentioned going to camp, she had no desire to go to any camp. Shaina really wanted to take care of little kids and she wanted to work for the full eight weeks of camp. To her, that IS fun and feels that she doesn’t need to go to camp.

While I love the fact that my child wants to be responsible and be of service to others, my husband and I feel that she is still like any other child who should go to camp and have camp experiences. The three of us discussed the idea of doing both and was able to reach a compromise. Shaina will be able to go to camp for the first two weeks, then work as a camp counselor for the last six weeks of nursery school camp.

Read on and share what your choice was or how you've helped your kids decide.

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