In a few weeks we are going on a camping trip, a family reunion. We used to have a camper, actually a couple. Our camper was a big camper with a triple bunk, with a queen bed full bathroom. Could sleep nine.....I miss it but family dynamic changes. Then the girls started rodeo, so we needed to travel with horses. Bought a tent a camp shower a porta potty and cook stove. Did that for a few rodeos and enough, was enough on the hunt for a horse trailer with full living quarters and room enough for 5 people to sleep in. Our two girls did rodeo, and their poor little brother was made to come along for the ride, a ride he HATED. We hunted craigslist, ebay, horsetrailerworld etc. finally we found one that fit our very small budget in West Virginia, we live in Montana. My husband an I headed out Memorial day weekend. Left the kids with my parents and away we went after work on a Friday night. Slept in the back of the pickup somewhere in North Dakota, next night I had to have a shower so we got a motel. Got to West Virginia met in Walmart parking lot and saw a trailer that honestly should be pulled with a semi truck. The people that we bought it from went it and did some shopping Thank God because when they came out our pick up wouldn't start..... We got towed to their house, it was a Sunday. Fuel pump went out, also my husband is a capable mechanic college trained but doesn't practice. So we got to spend a whole day with people we had met once in person and via email for weeks. A few trips to the parts store we got it 6 o'clock at night. They invited us to stay with them, way out of my comfort zone spending the night with complete strangers. So off we went, got about 100 miles down the road. Stopped and slept in some abandoned parking lot in the back woods in West Virginia. Somewhere driving down the road in OHIO, we were cruising along on the interstate the tire on the trailer blows.....I had made a trailer block, to drive up on for the emergency tire change, not expecting to use it but glad we had it. After my husband got done changing the tire, he was wiping his hands I was putting tools away in the pick up and was startled by a State Trooper standing next to me......Asking if you folks are ok or needed help and directly gave us directions to the nearest Walmart tire center. Everyone know where Walmart is......After that hour of getting a new tire we were on our way without a hitch. Used that trailer for a year and then family dynamic changed again down to one girl left to rodeo and there was NO way I was going to pull that for one horse. So we have sold both campers and now possibly looking for a new one but until then we are going camping in the four horse trailer in a couple of weeks. Back to throwing in the porta potty, the camp shower but this time we are sleeping in the back of the horse trailer so we don't have to deal with a dripping tent if it rains, blowing over in the strong winds of Montana and the rocky bumpy ground. Though my youngest he says he won't sleep in the back where the horses sleep so he called the tack room (where all the horse gear goes) The door locks from the inside and the windows open, he's no dummy. The full circle of life, back to where we began a few years ago. More family memories in the making.....


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