Camping-Fountainbleau State Park--The Kind Nature Intended!

We are all set and ready to go! The dog's are in the kennels in the back of the truck:
Left to Right: Scooter aka...Scooter Pooter, Jazmine aka Mama, Pigpen and Messy Girl and Jack aka Low Rida and Boudin'
The camper is hitched to the truck and off we go for our 2 hour ride to Mandeville, LA. Stop! Brake lights for miles and miles...UUGGHH!!!!! There was an accident at the Albany exit that held us up big time! What would have been a 2 hour trip was more like 3 hour car trip. Initially we would have gotten to the state park at 8:00....would have time to relax but we didn't get there until the nick of time for them to accept guests!!!! We had to set up in the oh my it's a bug's world! We didn't have the camper set up and the dog's in their places until 12:00. None of of ate dinner yet. We had planned hot dogs and hamburgers but due to our late arrival we had sandwich's. Saturday morning: Breakfast of champions: Grits, eggs, toast, bacon, OJ and coffee!
I GOT them! Roughing it in the wild with laptops!!! Caught red handed! My hubby and in laws
Home away from home for a few days!
The kid's weren't on this trip so their side was used for storage.
The dog's outside with the fan keeping them cool from the Louisiana weather! High profile dogs! =)
Dinner time! salad, french fries and seafood.
Accompanying food is a daiquiri from daiquiri's and cream was yummy!
Seafood: Thank you baby for thinking of me...grilled shrimp!!!! Watching what I eat!
So much reading little time! This weekend I was able to read! Take some time and enjoy a few good books! I typically read several books at a time! I love reading all types of books...
Movies for our entertainment!
My husband Todd and I
The dog's at the beach
Todd and I with the dogs
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end....the weekend is over. 
We've had a blast! Goodbye Fountainebleau State Park for now. 
I love it here in the fall. They have hay rides at night and you can see all the deer. 
They do have swamp tours as well and if your lucky you might see an alligator just like I did this weekend!


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