Can a Bears Fan and Packer Fan Live in Harmony?

I knew what I was getting into 17 years ago when I moved to cheesehead country.  I chose to go to school here, and eventually met my husband, fell in love, married and built my life here.  Now, 2 children later, I'm living in the middle of what sports fans may consider hell. I'm deep in the trenches. Surrounded by Packer fans every single day.  

There are certain things I refuse to do that make me feel like I'm holding onto my "Chicago-ness". I don't say the word "bubbler" (that's a water fountain or drinking fountain for any of you non-Wisconsin-ites). I don't eat cheese curds (I love cheese and everyone insists that they are delicious, but I've drawn a line in the sand).  And I hold true to the teams of my childhood - I'm a Bears/Cubs/Bulls/Blackhawks fan since birth.  

My husband is, of course, the opposite of me. He was born and raised here, in Wisconsin, and loves his sports teams...but when the Bears play the Packers in a regular season game things get tense around here.  We've been lucky that both teams haven't been good at the same time - until now!  This week has been filled with taunts, comments, jabs, and simple "you suck" remarks as we prepare for Sunday's showdown.  This is it, winner heads to the big game and bragging rights in this house! 

I've been posting daily taunts, comments, and jokes on my facebook page - he has been doing the same. Our friends and family join in...but then I get the occasional email that says "how are you two living in the same roof?" I'm not sure myself. So far things have been said in good fun and we laugh at each other's funny emails. His witty joke about a 2nd grader whose teacher is a Bear fan, my photoshopped picture of a kid wearing a Bears helmet pooping on a Packer toilet, these are just two of the many that have been flying through cyberspace as he works and I watch the kids.  

And what are the kids you ask? Well, I'll take my daughter...she wears her Bears gear in pride (she's 3 months old so I dress her).  My son (3 years old) well he's a different story. The poor kid is a jinx.  When he was first born he had every Packer and Bear outfit known to man and we'd fight to dress him on game day. Until we realized that the kid is a jinx and his current lifetime record is 2-23...doesn't matter the sport- if he wears the gear, that team looses.  So since that has become public knowledge no one claims him. He just happily watches the game or naps through the chaos.  

I am looking forward to Sunday's game. I'm confident that the Bears will make this happen (just for me).  I mean they have to right? How can I live with my annoying Packer fan of a husband if they don't win. He'll be unBEARable (sorry, had to do it).  But not only my husband, but the rest of them. My in-laws, my neighbors, my friends, the lady at the playground???

Any of you sports fans? Anyone watching the game on Sunday? Do you live with a partner who cheers for the wrong team? I'd love to hear more stories like ours!


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