Bloggers on Oprah’s Reality Show: Did You Audition?

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You've heard of the great reality TV show hunt? The one with the prize being your own show on Oprah's new network, OWN (for Oprah Winfrey Network)? If not, Melissa Ford has the back story.

Last week the Internet was abuzz with rumor that Oprah was rigging the contest in favor of an African-American woman so that a young man with cerebral palsy who was leading in the vote count for the online video auditions would not win. The myth has now been debunked, but I knew it wasn't true all along because I'm a wee bit obsessed with this competition.

CULVER CITY, CA - JUNE 10: Oprah Winfrey in the audience during the 38th AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Mike Nichols held at Sony Pictures Studios on June 10, 2010 in Culver City, California. The AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to Mike Nichols will premiere on TV Land on Saturday, June 25 at 9PM ET/PST. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for AFI)

I love Oprah and am fascinated by her business. Not her life with S.O. Steadman and BFF Gayle, but rather with Harpo Inc and Miss Winfrey's multi-billion dollar media empire. When I read in a business profile of her that she would be holding this competition for a slot on her new network, I immediately signed up for the OWN newsletter. I received a personalized video greeting from Oprah herself. I took a screen shot of her pointing at my mail-merged-in name and then printed it and put it in front of my journal. Oprah can totally guide my hopes and dreams and tell me how to live my life. Also, I have long fantasized about having a TV talk show. I love TV. I love talking. I love listening to people tell their fascinating stories (everyone has them). And I'm opinionated about many, many things. It's perfect, really.

But when I got the email announcing the opening of the competition, I froze. Paralyzed by my neuroses, I did not submit a video nor book a ticket for one of the live auditions. This was, in large part, due to my close reading of the rules. The top vote getter in each of the five show-type categories from the online competition would be guaranteed a shot in front of the producers and one of the ten eventual reality show competition contestants competing for the show was guaranteed to be chosen from those five. The other nine would be chosen by producers from all the video and live auditions. This is how I knew Oprah's people weren't spending any time rigging votes. It didn't matter. Ultimately the top vote getter is guaranteed nothing but an interview for a shot at being one of ten competing for the show. The producers will pick the competitors so it's already rigged according to the rules.

I have neither the energy to stump for votes online nor the patience to attempt to magically intuit the right mix of just-Omarosa-crazy-enough-to-make-for-good-TV vs. so-crazy-you're-the-next-William-Hung. Plus, I overthink everything, so trying to figure out which category I would audition for let alone what the focus of my show would be left me tied up in knots. This business of being a TV star ain't easy, my friends! So my dream lives on as a dream. But a bunch of bloggers and social media friends did take the plunge. Who knows - perhaps one of these fine folks will end up winning the show of their dreams. You've got until July 3rd to vote for your favorite!

Did you audition? Online or live? How did it go?

What Bloggers are Saying About Oprah's Reality Show Auditions

BlogHer CE Nordette Adams predicted all this years ago and shared the audition of Queen Unique.

Former City Council candidate and Oakland community activist, Aimee Allison, brings her experience as a radio host, TV commentator and frequent speaker to her audition.

Melinda Emerson, AKA "SmallBizLady", proposed a show to help entrepreneurs.

Jennifer Taggart, the blogger behind The Smart Mama, is hoping to bring her message of green and healthy living to OWN.

Coach Vanessa wants to help your life bloom.

Several bloggers pointed out that Lissa Rankin, M.D. of Owning Pink is auditioning. She's got some fans! And perhaps I should have read her excellent post here at BlogHer about overcoming the fear of auditioning and the scary prospect of winning before I gave in to my own fears.

Alexis Neely also had to break through some resistance to create her audition for her show, The Catalyst.

Janet at Fairly Happy wants to talk about education on her show and auditioned live.

BlogHer member, Miz Hollywood, auditioned with the goal "to change entertainment news and make it more positive."

Gayle Keck of the San Francisco Food Bank, whom I have worked with on The Hunger Challenge for the past few years, introduced me to Toan Lam of Go Inspire Go who auditioned for a show that would inspire and help people. It sounds wonderful!

Jo Ashline at A Sweet Dose of Truth heard her destiny calling and shares Ten Things I Learned at My Oprah Audition.

And Shak at Inspire The Grind and Jennifer at Inspirista both braved the line of thousands to audition in person, didn't get called back, and decided to keep on trying with a video audition as well. That's determination in action!

BlogHer CE Maria Niles occasionally worships or shares tough love with Oprah at PopConsumer


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