Can Bloggers and PR Professionals Work Together?

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[Editor's Note: In Good Taste makes a great point -- bloggers and public relations professionals just don't get each other. Neither one necessarily understands what the other one does, which leads to a lot of terribly written pitches and cranky bloggers. What I liked about this post is that she is fair to both bloggers and PR professionals, offering both valuable information so they can understand and help one another. --Mel]

Many PR pros think bloggers sit around on our couches all day lazily typing on the Internet (as one of the panelists said “Bloggers get to sit at home with coffee while I am in an office, wearing professional attire.” I am pretty sure we all put our pants on one leg at a time no matter what we wear to work, but I won’t get hung up on details). Bloggers, on the other hand, think that PR professionals are mostly inattentive idiots who can’t be bothered to address an email to the person we’re writing. Also untrue.

Read the entire post on In Good Taste and let her know what you think.

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