Can I cut myself some slack by embracing change, life imperfections included!

I'm always on a personal quest to improve, be better, be the best I can. This year I set a personal intention to do things differently.  Shake it up.  Live freely, you get the picture.  Even though I always say that I embrace change, go with the flow, sometimes I need to step back and say really??  I've realized that in order to do that I need to embrace life's imperfections also.  You know what I'm taking about.  Those little waves that just come along and rock your sea of life.  Just when all is good, everything is in the right place, then POW, something comes along that you didn't expect.  Not only you didn't anticipate, you don't want, it just messes up the calm sea that you call your life.  That is what I want to embrace, those disturbances that we just can't control.  This year I am going to embrace, accept what I call life's little imperfections without so much as a whimper. Acceptance is my intention!  


Can I do it.  Honestly I can by realizing that this is one of those habits that we carry with us like those extra holiday pounds that we just can't seem to shed.  As as woman I realize that I inherited that hard on myself gene like most of the female population. Getting older in a society that thinks everyone is should never age doesn't help not picking yourself apart.  I also come from a line of master pickers. Not nasty pickers but it's only for your own good pickers, you know done with love!  Some comments still float up from the past no matter how hard I try to sink those suckers it doesn't work all these years later. But that's another blog!


My yoga practice helps me practice acceptance.  Sounding like a cliche I have to say that my yoga practice has been a strong force in balancing life's many changes and surprises.  I started practicing in my twenties but lost my practice when I had my family. you know no time with a young family.  I rediscovered yoga again when a new yoga studio opened near my home about eight years ago.  The transformation I experienced I find very hard to articulate.  All that I'll say is that my personal journey with yoga has been life changing.  I encourage anyone who wants to find a base to live your life from give yoga a try to see if it's right for you.  Maybe it will work for you as it did for me.  That your personal choice.


If you decide to try yoga you need to find the right yoga for you.  Yoga is not one size fits all especially with the smorgasbord of yoga offered out there.  For me a hot power vinyasa fits my personality.  A room heated to about 98 degrees with a very vigorous moving practice is what my body loves. That might not be your style to drip like a leaking faucet for ninety minute then smell as sticky as old ice hockey glove!  I'm only teasing about the old hockey glove!   Try different yoga practices to find your right practice, a good match for you.  Don't feel intimidate either by those yoga goddesses in your class.  Every class has them, woman with no body fat, that have the body of a pre-adolescent, which I may add is not natural after the age of 12. Frankly I don't strive for that type of body with my practice, I strive for a strong, healthy body that feel young and supple.  Like I said there are more types of yoga than Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors.  Check out magazine's, DVDs, and studios to find your practice.


Oh I've decided to focus on the positive aspect of embracing life's imperfections, not a negative, it is something I want to do! Change is not negative or positive, it just is.   Change can be a gateway for a major transformation for you.  Embrace don't resist!




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