Can Men and Women Be Only Friends?


Here's a question for you:

Can a man and a woman-who have never had sex, or any type of sexual relations-be friends, without the issue of sex and attraction getting in the way?

Earlier this year, when I wrote "Anatomy of An Affair," I went a little overboard on men being pigs. But every woman knows atleast one good man-one man who is faithful, honest, compassionate, and giving to a fault. And most of the time, it is not the man that you're with.

But can a man and a woman be platonic friends without blurring that fine line between friendship and "something more?" Is there such a thing as respecting the boundaries of a friendship, and not trying to imagine what that person would look like in your bed, as the sun is coming up?

I don't think it's possible-unless of course, you already know that your friend is gay. And sometimes, not even that would stop me from envisioning the impossible.

What I do feel is possible, is that once you work out the "kinks"-meaning, once you have been around someone long enough, to where you have mentally played out every fantasy ever known to humans-you actually get to that point where you accept them for who they are-your friend. Only a friend. You begin to view them differently-like one of your "girlfriends", that you go to for advise and their honest opinions. And let's face it, having a male best friend isn't all that bad!

So the answer to the question, in my opinion, is that attraction will get in the way-but only for a while. If you hold out, and wait just long enough, you will proabaly find of the best friends that you will ever have.

And those men are not pigs.

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