Can a Mom have a break? Some days I want to Run Away

Some days, well, I’m not going to lie, I just want to walk out the door and run away.

I fantasize that I get into my car and instead of heading to work, I
drive to the airport, and fly somewhere warm and tropical island, with
a beach, a sexy masseuse, with non-stop gin and tonics or endless
glasses of REALLY good Appletinis. Can anyone help me with this? Can anyone help me escape? Really, can you kidnap me?

So, yes, I fantasized this all week long about the perfect getaway.

There are some days that I just don’t want to do anymore laundry,
dishes, office work, pretending to like my boss, dinner, blow jobs,
picking up toys, AAHHHHHHHH! Let’s not even talk about the
husband-less, child-less women at my job who look down on me for
leaving early when my kid needs to see the doctor making it into the
office just 1 minute after my start time.

And the worst part, my son plucked 7 keys off my laptop
(he’s 2.5yrs old and loves computers) when I specifically begged my
husband to watch him while I make the kids dinner. The amount of time
outs and “I’m going to send you to your rooms” I had to endure this
week was ridiculous!

I was actually screaming out loud to God this week. Better Him then
the kids I guess. He heard an earful, trust me on this. I screamed some
things out to Him last week, that I would not want ANYONE else to hear.
Jesus is my homeboy!

It’s been a tough week and even a stylish, trendy, hot, sexy
cocktail mom like me gets a little down. I’m thankful for what I have
but this I’m a stressed out mom today. Lets hope that Thanksgiving will
offer more rest and relaxation… yeah right.

Cocktail anyone?


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