Can music help improve sales in businesses?

During our days in Bangalore, my husband and I used to go to this pub called Purple Hazequite often. We were regulars at Purple Haze not because of the excellent service or the reasonable prices in the drinks and food menu but, because of the music they played during the happy hour. In fact, music was the ONLY reason why we used to go there. Be it meeting up with people or be it taking our non-Bangalore resident friends, Purple Haze was the placeClearly, Purple Haze's USP was their music. I was never mindful of this fact but, now, after graduating from a B-school, I've started paying attention to such small but, critical things. 

This shows that music could be used to attract people and drive sales in businesses. In case of MNCs, corporate anthems convey an organization’s mission and values in a subtle yet strong manner and they help increase sales. They also help improve the branding of organizations.

Here is a corporate anthem I sang for the organization called Core Objects, which gotacquired later, by another firm (did you notice the irony here?). The song was written and composed by Vineeth Raj Menon who did the music programming for Lucia, a popular crowd-funded Kannada movie.

 Have you noticed how music has been used to drive sales in businesses? Share your examples and thoughts in the comments below.
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