Can Neem and Honey Cure Cancer

Have you heard about the cancer villages that are mushrooming in China? It seems that it the direct result of breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water and eating polluted stuff. With so much of pollution in the environment people are starting to mutate at the genetic level which leads to cancer, birth defects and endless suffering to the common folk.


I recently read in an online magazine that gedunin can kill cancer cells. Oh! Please don’t think I am talking weird stuff. The gedunin is obtained from the Indian neem tree. The parts of the neem tree have been used since the ancient ages for treating various ailments. It is a natural remedy for malaria and has been used as an insecticidal agent. The gedunin may also be useful in the treatment of neurological disorders. Researchers found that geduin directly attaches itself to the helper proteins of the Hsp 90 and leads to its inactivation and thus kills cancer cells. The heat shock protein 90 plays a key role in helping the cells to mutate. Gedunin is a naturally occurring Hsp 90 inhibitor.


There is yet an interesting find to combat cancer and it is from honey. Researchers at the UAE University have made a breakthrough in cancer treatment by discovering that manuka honey inhibits the growth of breast, skin and colon cancer. The honey is found in the hives of manuka trees in New Zealand. Another hair raising find is that the honey reduces the toxic side effects associated with chemotherapy. The manuka honey acts on the cancer cells by inducing programmed cell death. Curious to know more about these manuka trees? Well, the pioneers made tea from these trees which had ample medicinal benefits. The honey collected from its beautiful white flowers was used in the treatment of boils, acne, cuts, burns, sore throat and even as an antibacterial agent.



Coming back to cancer villages, it would be a better idea to grow your own stuff. You may be rest assured that the food stuff you eat is healthy, organic and filled with all goodness. In all sincerity I would advise you to eat healthy and if possible to grow your own stuff.  


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