Can sex exist without love ?

A dear friend between the spaghetti and the fruity red, ask me: “Does sex without love exist?” I was not sure what were more tasteful, the spaghetti, the red or the question. Yes, tasteful, because its just matter of taste, some would enjoy it and  others would not. Two different things tied by  hearts and minds.

There are a few things that contribute to answer it, own experience, gender, personality, believes, interpretation or simply how they work. There are different experiences with love and sex.

Do not ask prostitutes and nuns what they think about sex, you know the answer. Ask those who had that unforgettable four in the morning prohibited wild sex experience. The fear is an extremely exciting witch aroused the sex lawless. It is intense, ferocious, irrational, inexplicably good, witch chills their soul when they  remember it. What do you believe they think about sex?

Without personality, sex is not sex, is a pastime, the crosswords puzzle from the Sunday paper. Must be macho  and  female to have sex, must be a poet and a rose to make love. Sex needs, self love, security, creativity and freedom of expression. Love only exists with balance.

Men are sex ambulates. As dogs, made by instinct, smells, greed, bites and practicality. Without these seasonings brought by men, there is no sex. Without women, there’s no inspiration for it, no  fantasies and no beauty. Women are the sex flavour, form and reason.

Religions, politics, and hypocrites societies do not like sex, because  they can not stand the fact that sex does not judge or care about anything. Sex just does it. People who live under religions, politics and societies dilatorily, do not know what sex is or have never been introduced to it.

Love happens. Sex can happen anytime. Love is life reason,  is secure, complete, dreamy, gentle, pure, ripe, balanced, and unique companion. Sex does not respect boundaries, does not like routines, is crazy, bum, intense, good, persistent, hot, screams and dance. Cave man invited sex, we develop it.  Love was not created, love is the creation reason.  Sex is the wilds song. Love the profoundest melody. Love consumes the soul. Sex devours the body.

Love and sex can live without each other, but the meaning of perfection was given by their union. When sex and love meet, the world become that moment of plenitude, body and souls become one, reason and emotions sing together, ecstasy is packed as a  present, skin meets sensibility and eyes can see in the dark.

Well after a tasteful red gulp, the answer was: “Yes there is sex without love, but not love without  sex.”


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