Can tech turn out the vote in 2016?

Until 2012, only unions had the army to turn out votes and money. Then a Freshman Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama changed the rules. He raised more money than the unions could provide and he formed his army of millennial for the votes.

That single moment in time changed the rules for campaigns forever! No more money limits. No more issues with cost of mailers or influencers' to sway the decision process.

People with money have access to our elected officials and influence laws. Look at Google, one of the most influential companies on the globe (yes, I am jealous). Ex-Googlers, rich from stock options, now hold jobs at all decision making levels of the US government.

So, what can we do? Political space is shifting. Social media is very complex. There are a lot of smart people creating companies, attacking this space. All with varied approaches, creating businesses out of ideas to make this world a better place.

When I started 4PIA (People In Action) the goal was to give instant feedback (poll) , show the sentiment of what was being said and offer big-data analytic to analyze the conversation into easy to understand metrics. In 3 months, we have over 500K people, from 24 countries, visiting our site and voting on Members of Congress' social media messages. Now, if we can get the Members of Congress to understand that social media can be used for more than fluff, it can be used to help develop policy and engage in a dialogue with the American people. Then, maybe the American voter will engage again.

For tech to be effective, we need people like you on board evaluating and using the new approaches to engage voters.

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