Can we talk about religion or is that just an old wives tale?

Yep. I'm doing it. I'm going to talk about something that is probably going to piss a lot of people off... 

But it shouldn't

If you do find yourself getting a little hot under the collar, you might want to grab a mirror and a shot of whiskey; because your ignorance is showing–and it's not pretty!

I was raised in a small town, on a guilt-driven road that used fear and intimidation as a marketing campaign to get new followers.  Hell, if I did that on Twitter, they'd ban me!

For a long time, I was afraid to tell anyone what I believed–or didn't.  So like most obedient children being told how to think; I continued to kneel, stand and pray... 

But not really.

When I was finally old enough to break the chains that bound me, I began my own journey of self discovery... And it was a very long drive. 

I picked up a few hitchhikers during my travels; but always suspected that their eminence was outside pouring diesel fuel into my engine, while the rest of us did shots of Kool-Aid in the front seat of my car. 

*Clunk* *Clunk*

At the time, I had no idea what I was looking for; but I knew it was out there somewhere, and I knew it was far away from anywhere I had ever been before.

Then I saw it–a very subtle, yet strategically placed sign in the middle of fucking nowhere.  <Cue harmony>  *Ahhhh, ahhhh*  In a split second, the world made sense; and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

It's not important to me if anyone believes what I believe; but for those who go through life wearing a self-righteous suit of armor that never comes off, it might a good idea to get in the car and go for a ride.

You might even find yourself along the way.



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