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Do women, let alone the people on, know what Muay Thai is? If you don't, you should!

In my neighborhood, there has been several attacks over the past few months, and Muay Thai is Thailand's official sport. It's known as the art of eight limbs, but I am no expert.

Fortunately, I was able to speak with Sarah Romulo, who co-owns Crom Martial Training with her husband Chris in Rockaway, NY. She is the true expert and has competed in a few tournaments and believes that Muay Thai is a sport that's transferrable in real life situations.

Read the Q+A after the image:

(Image Credit: Crom MT's blog)

Q: Is Muay Thai safe for women?

Sure! There are numerous benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, great muscle tone and flexibility, and drastically improved mood and energy level through out the day!  I've trained for years and have never been injured in a conditioning Muay Thai work out.   I believe working with experienced and knowledgeable trainers are the key factor.
Q:What are some of the benefits of Muay Thai?

I've found with all the different activities I've done through out my life that Muay Thai targets my entire body.  I was able to drop 30 lbs with in 3 months of having my baby by practicing Muay Thai and Boxing 3x per week.  I'm back to my pre baby shape which I never could have imagined possible when I was 9 months pregnant.
Q: Why did you start?

I originally started boxing when I owned a very stressful business in NYC and needed a release beyond running.  I would go to the boxing gym religiously- 5 to 6 days a week and got totally engulfed in my training.  Nothing mattered during that time, it was just me pushing myself to learn and be the best I could be at a sport that I came to love instantly.  I unexpectedly met a great guy at that same gym, who happened to be a very talented Professional Muay Thai fighter and trainer.  He took me under his wing, taught me how to throw kicks, and now he's my husband :-)
Q: While doing sports, do you feel like you sacrafice your feminitiy?

Honestly, I never think of it.  Actually when I first started training I felt quite the opposite. I felt like a girlie girl walking in to a male dominated boxing gym in a dress and sandals and worried I wouldn't get taken seriously.  Eventually, the more I trained and the more confident I became in my skill, the less I worried about how others viewed me, and in turn felt more in tune with myself.
For more information on classes, visit their school's website at
And check out "Eight Limbs" which features her hubby, Chris here:

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