Can you actually "marry" a building?

Don’t tell me fiction is stranger than truth. I have been writing both for years now, and I have yet to find something made up that rivals reality. You can view this as one of those times.

According to her Facebook page, today is wedding day for Babylonia Aivaz of Seattle. She was all set–as in gown and all–to wed a 107-year old building, until a demolition crew got in the way and forced her to move her marriage up to last Thursday.

Simply put, she is in love with the building. But with the wrecking crew getting in the way of living happily ever after, she might be having a funeral instead.

The backstory, and there always is a backstory, is that she is part of a larger group of 16 activists who occupied the former warehouse in December before they were arrested for trespassing. The building had been slated to be torn down in the continued gentrification of the neighborhood in Seattle known as Capitol Hill.

In protest, Aivaz, according to a report on the KOMO news website, had set up a Facebook page, announcing her intention to enter into a civil union with the building–obviously, to make a point. While saying she is dedicated to creating “community space,” apparently her beef goes a bit deeper.

A year ago this month, the Supreme Court reversed the decades-old system of rules that govern the financing of the nation’s political campaigns.  The ruling blurs the lines between corporate and individual contributions in political campaigns. And essentially allows corporations (and unions) to be able to contribute to political campaigns.

So, her thinking goes, if corporations can be treated like individuals, so can buildings. And you can marry an individual, so you can marry a building.

And apparently, according to news reports, she views the union as a gay marriage. Do buildings have sexual orientation?

Click here to see the video and read the KOMO report.


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