Can you handle the truth?

Honesty we parents say we want it. Do we really or do we want the "truth" we can handle? For incidence when your child is a preteen and she does not go to the movie that you approved and, you find the ticket stub to that scary movie in her pocket while doing the wash the next day. No bigy punishment given. It is a completely different things when your sweet darling comes home after a party and appears to have been drinking when she swore her friends do not drink. She has totaled her car and cannot remember or does not want to remember any details. Or when you already know what she's done and your teen looks you in the face and lies without blinking an eye. Man you wonder how she could fabricate a lie that sounds so realistic. The lies back in my day seem so juvenile compare to these. Man, this kid could make a living writing fiction.  You hold it together and try not to do the things that you really would like to do. This too will pass. Therefore, you pick your battles. Toughen up and call a friend to vent. Try not to let your teen see you cry..... if possible. Yeah right!!! Spoken by a women who must have a sprinkler hooked up to her eyes. It is hard to realize that your child will lie to you. Just like, you lied to your parents. Everyone lies or fails to disclose information that makes them look bad. It is human nature. Children are no different from anyone else. Some are little fibbers while others can weave tall tales. Do not get me wrong I never said that your teen enjoys lying to you. It is hard for them to. Wait before you jump all over me for being a softy. I hate lies and a liar deserves punishment. However, during those time when I had to punish my teens, I learned a lot about me and so did they. We learned that we were in this thing together. Like it or not. However there is something to be said for do not ask, do not tell!!!


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