Can You Hope On The Employees'?

Everything seemed in order and a new restaurant was scheduled to open last week. The scheduled day came and went, but no grand opening.

All the employees had been hired and trained and showed up for their first day to serve customers.

Customers were everywhere.

Anticipating wonderful news, several members of the local TV, radio and print media were there. Cameras were rolling as potential customers were interviewed.

Also present was an unexpected visitor. She represented the state's health department. She needed a form completed and filed. It required a several day waiting period as well.

According to the restaurant chain's owner, a senior management member had the resposibility for the requirement, saying, "It was his duty." In addition, that manager was his son-in-law and one of the restaurants owners.

Of course, a delayed opening does not have the same impact.

This kind of incident is not isolated. Many people think responsibility and getting things done are closely related.

Frankly, assigning responsibilty and expecting results is a fools game.

You will typically find a list of an individual's areas of responsibility covered in a job description.

The job description is only a list. It does not mean someone will actually get the work done.

Many people have the same jobs. They all have the same job descriptions. This means they all have identical responsibilities.

Think of groups of employees. For example, all a companies delivery personnel. The responsibilities for these groups are very much the same. Regardless of equal responsibilities they all produce differently. Individually they will range from in competent to magnificent.

Forget relying on someone's responsibilites alone, insist on clear accountability.

First get a commitment and then demand execution. Everyone else's role is to insist people finish what they have agreed to do.

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