Can your child maneuver an I-Pad but can’t ride a bike?


Have you ever seen an Infant in the airplane, shopping Mall, restaurant playing with their parent’s I-Pad or I-Phone? Worse still, are you a parent to one? If yes, then you are not alone. The talk about age compression with application enabled toys started as early as 1990’s with the coming of Video games. There was an ongoing debate that introducing children to Video games and computers at a young age of 10 years was taking a toll on their physical fitness and imagination levels.

Today Fisher Price is making apptivity cases for I-Pad and I-phones, so that your 1 year old can safely play with your smart phone. And mind you, they are bang on. It’s one of the highest selling toys ever since its introduction mid of this year.

 Nowadays, you see children considering physical play as a chore. A 4 year old would rather be playing on their mom’s smart phone than actually play with another kid in a birthday party. If you somehow manage to send them away to mingle, they will be back and in larger numbers, fiercely competing as to who can play with your smart phone (as their moms don’t share their phones). The argument in favor of technology is that that this generation is much smarter than the earlier one. And I personally agree, but should they not learn how to write just because there is a very big possibly that they will never need to.

I feel the balance is very fine but we need to find it as parents, care givers, teachers and mostly as a generation. If we don’t, maybe our children will find it very easy to maneuver an Xbox but won’t be able to tie their shoelaces. 

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