Exploring a Little of Coquitlam, BC

Tucked away in an area of Vancouver is the city of Coquitlam. Located in British Columbia, Canada, it offers a myriad of things to do. It is one of the 21 municipalities that make up Metro Vancouver and despite that, there are also nature options to explore. Depending on how long you’re visiting, you can experience quite a few different attractions. Here are eight fun activities to try while you’re visiting this great city.Go for a Hike...more

Trans-Canada Road Trip - 11 Days Across Newfoundland

TRANS-CANADA ROAD TRIP – 11 DAYS ACROSS NEWFOUNDLANDSo I last updated you a few days ago… 11 to be precise while we were on the eastern coast of Newfoundland sitting in a quaint little cafe on the Irish loop....more

Trans-Canada Road Trip - New Brunswick

TRANS-CANADA ROAD TRIP – NEW BRUNSWICKNew Brunswick is often considered to be a drive though provence for a lot of people heading out to Nova Scotia or PEI. We spent 8 nights crossing the lower coast and then up the boarder with America. We found New brunswick to be a truly amazing place!...more

Camp Horror | Film Community | GoFundMe

About: Camp Horror film production initiative based in Ontario, Canada. Their goals are to teach people how to make horror films. Camp Horror was created by Troy "Darc" Morrissey. ...more

The Man on the Stairs | Short Film | IndieGoGo

About: The Man on the Stairs is about a young man named Kirk who lost his wife, Molly, six months ago. He also has nightmares about an entity named the Tall Man climbing a staircase. Kirk finds Bob, a pawnbroker, who is willing to help him with the nightmares. ...more

ShiversTV Next Episode | Online Television | IndieGoGo

About: Sarvan Singh created a social media television channel called ShiversTV. His channel specializes in horror. He needs to raise money for his next movie on ShiversTV. Campaign Deadline: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 1 ...more

Thanking Canada in my December Reflections

December comes along and I always seem to melt into a puddle of emotion by this time of the year. I know... seems weird for my cold, black heart. But with the holidays coming, I turn into introspection for what 2015 has been....more

Slow Clap For the Canadian Cabinet -- and Gender Equity

Thank you Justin Trudeau for pointing out that it's 2015 and time for gender equality....more
Absolutely Perfect.more

The problem with parental leave

Netflix's new parental-leave policy has the potential to revolutionize American workplaces. Plenty of experts seem to think it's the bee's knees. Me? Not so much.I'm not keen on parental leave at all. Not three months, not six months, not 12 months, not 15 months, not 24 months. I don't care how long you want to make it. I don't like it. Because it assumes parents at some point will ditch baby in daycare so they can return to work full-time....more

Winter in Whitehorse

This week was yet another illustration of why I love my Canada, the beauty of all the seasons we have.  I was back in Whitehorse ( and no northern lights again) but she was still beautiful. This is a picture that I took the end of September when I was there.  ...more