Winter in Whitehorse

This week was yet another illustration of why I love my Canada, the beauty of all the seasons we have.  I was back in Whitehorse ( and no northern lights again) but she was still beautiful. This is a picture that I took the end of September when I was there.  ...more

Responding to the politics of fear

There are a pair of important ballots coming up this year for Metro Vancouver residents, one a mail-in vote on the plan to raise the sales tax by half a percentage point to fund long term regional public transit plans and major road transportation projects, and the other the federal election.  The former I'll be talking about more in upcoming posts, but in the meantime, ...more

Beyond Charlie Hebdo – It’s not always personal

While I said in my Je suis Charlie Chaplin post a few days ago that I had nothing new to directly contribute about the terrible shootings in Paris last week, I do have something to say about the debate over freedom that has followed the attack on the office of the Charlie Hebdo magazine who had long been a target of those it satirized....more

Why Did Target Suck at Being Canadian?

Is it possible to be stunned and not at all surprised at the same time? That's how I feel about Target's sudden announcement that they are closing all 133 stores in Canada. ...more
jtwpg Yeah, the internet can be crazy sometimes! :)more

An open letter to my family because Canadian winters

Dear said members of my family,The other day I was walking the dogs when I noticed that everything – the trees, the roads, the dog poop I had yet to pick up – were all covered with a glistening layer of ice. The scene reminded me of a fairy tale and the word “enchanting” came to mind – right after the words, “Christ it’s cold!!!”...more

Do You Put Out For Poutine?

Of course, who wouldn’t? Four bucks worth of fries, cheese and gravy has Canadian girls dropping their pants faster than you can say “Where you going with my zamboni?”Forget tequila, that’s a rich man’s gig, all you need is four bucks.Welcome to Canada, come for the poutine and stay for the crazy, beautiful, wonderful people in this land I call home.

Trip Plans #2: Calgary, Canada

 Hi guys! On my blog today I'm sharing my second round of trip plans....this time to Calgary, Canada!Check out what I'm doing and seeing while I'm there here!...more

Ending Misogynistic Killing Forever: The Legacy of the Montreal Massacre

Feminists are so often accused of being sexist, as if fighting for our rights and safety is somehow taking something away from men. And a good amount of the time in 2014, it’s fairly easy to ignore statements that insist that we’re somehow being “misandrist” towards men by talking about issues that affect us daily. But when another woman is killed by a man, the conversation turns from being annoying to being necessary....more

Rehtaeh Parsons: In Canada, I Can't Even Say Her Name

In Canada, I can't tell you the story of Rehtaeh Parsons. I can't tell you about how, when Rehtaeh was 15, she went to a house party and had too much to drink and ended up, after a wretched series of events, vomiting out a window as a boy violated her from behind. I can't tell you about how someone else took a photo of this moment as the boy behind her smiled and gave a thumbs-up. ...more
Powerful piece– deeply moving. November 25th is the U.N's Day to End Violence Against Women... ...more