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I'm Gay, and I Will Be Supporting The 2014 Olympic Team in Sochi

I hate slotting people into little boxes. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Everyone has an identity, but the way they identify may not be their entire identity, and it’s certainly not the most interesting thing about them. I’m also a big believer in acceptance, which means I don’t believe that one facet of a person’s character needs to be made into a big, deal-breaking issue in order for them to be loved and accepted.Like being gay, for instance....more

Due North

It was like an epiphany; suddenly, I realized how wild and barren Canada really is. I was listening to an interview on the car radio as we drove through farmland and uncultivated stretches into town the other day. Apparently, an enthusiastic British woman devotes an entire blog to her experiences in the wilderness that makes up much of Canada. To her friends in England, Canada is an exotic foreign land....more
Denise YUP- 24C with the wind chill the last two days, well Karen knows all about this, Did you ...more

2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Canada

One of the longest lines at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival can be found at Canada, so this year, when we saw there were only a few people waiting, we jumped at the opportunity to get in line. But our eyes were not on the infamous Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup; they were on the Seared Rainbow Trout. But we did end up getting a soup anyway just in case we needed a palate cleanser. ;) (I don't think I've ordered the soup here since 2007's festival!)...more

Canada Upholds Anonymity

The Canadian Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of a Toronto woman who is fighting to know the identity of her sperm donor father. Unfortunately, the Court of Canada has refused to hear her case and did not provide an explanation for its decision....more

5 Reasons Why I Love Toronto

It gets a bad rap in the media, my city. Toronto is rife with murders, shootings, theft. It’s got a garbage problem and a stupid buffoon of a mayor. There’s the casino issue currently tearing up the papers. People are rude, cold and uncaring. There are too many condos. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC, or our subway system) sucks. On and on and on....more

Sweetest Day Of The Year

Hey all.  I live in Canada and we’ve got something special planned for Monday.  Something that combines one of my favourite things to eat and one of my favourite charities to help!Monday is National Cupcake Day for Humane Societies and SPCA‘s!How SWEET is that?  Not only do I get to eat cupcakes but I’m helping animals in need.  Who wouldn’t love that combination?...more

I Stand With Chief Theresa Spence – Time to be Idle No More

I’m going to start this post off with one statement: Chief Theresa Spence is my hero. Who is Chief Spence? She’s an Aboriginal Chief of the Cree Nation Attawapiskat, a small band of First Nations people who live up near James Bay in Northern Ontario....more

Idle No More

Last night, as we sat down to Christmas dinner, my mother’s dining room table practically groaning under the weight of all the food, I couldn’t help but think of Chief Theresa Spence, who is now on the 14th day of her hunger strike. As I piled my plate high with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and turnips, as the members of my family bowed their heads for grace and then raised their glasses in a toast, I thought of the woman who, only 100 miles away in Ottawa, was willing to die for her people....more