Canadian, Eh?

I have a thing for words and phrases.  I love to learn a word's history and discover the story behind its origin.  Words fascinate me.  Yes...I'm really that nerdy.  I even keep a growing list of favorite words like shenanigans and nincompoop.  But come on!  Who doesn't love shenanigans?   My real fondness though, is for Canadian words.  Okay, I'll admit it's a very short list, but I love 'em just the same - words like tuque, toboggan, portaging and 2-4.









(I've just about re-enforced every Canadian stereotype, haven't I?)



Well, I might as well go all the way then.  The word 2-4 means a case of 24 beers, which is significant because each year's first long weekend of camping weather celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday on May 24th, or as it's more commonly called:  May 2-4.  And yes, it often involves a case of beer, a canoe, and sometimes even a tuque.  Now you know.   



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