Cancer Survivor Who Made Lemonade Out Of Lemon

My name is Bonita and I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor who took a bad experience and turned it into a great rewarding career. When I was diagnosed with Lobular Invasive Carcinoma I was a sucessful Realtor. Living in Florida in the heat of summer I found wigs too uncomfortable while showing properties.  I had designed a unique fashion headscarf when I was a young girl that I used to wear while boating, biking, going to the beach or hiking while growing up in California.  I got out my old scarf and had my girlfriend help me make several to match my clothes. Soon people would ask me where I got my unique scarf and how they could find one. I told myself if I ever got better I need to manufacture them.  I survived my ordeal and put my idea in the back of my mind as I was busy working.  Two years ago when the realestate market took a turn I decided to go forward with my dream of manufacturing my scarf. I found a manufacturer, filed for a trademark ABonita Scarf and filed for two patents a design patent and utility patent. I started attending trade shows across the country and am now selling wholesale to over 180 stores nationwide.  I also started my own retail website store so those going through treatment can order from the comfort of thier own home. I know when I was bald I didn't feel comfortable trying on hats and scarves in public.  The unique thing about the ABonita Scarf is it has a built in adjustable headband that snaps and stays securly on your head. You get 5 looks from one scarf without having to tie it.  The ABonita Scarf is not only great for those with health issues such as Alopecia, Lupus, Cancer patients going through chemo and other health related issues. The ABonita Scarf has become a big hit with boaters, bikers, beach lovers and convertible car owners.  It is a great fashion accessory to liven up an outfit or a great solution for inbetween salon appointments. Is there any other cancer survivors who made lemonade out of the lemon that was given to you?

Bonita-President/Owner of ABonita Scarf LLC

Click here to meet Bonita Designer of ABonita Scarf showing how to put on and get 4 looks from one ABonita Scarf without having to tie!