Candy Crack Saga

As I approached the computer this afternoon I was confronted by a dilemma. Do I sit and write something as I know I should, or do I log on to Facebook and try to march further forward through the Minty Meadows. If you know what the Minty Meadows are (coming just after the Chocolate Mountains and Lemonade Lake) then you too know the vacuum that is Candy Crush Saga.

I had seen the posts on Facebook about friends reaching new levels and having success but I resisted. I had multiple requests come through my mailbox daily, but I resisted. I heard about combining cool candies to make super candy, but I resisted. Then one dark day, that changed. Oh I had seen the warning “it’s highly addictive” and I know I should have been stronger. I should have walked away. I can’t say for certain what turned my switch. I think knowing so many people were playing made me curious, really curious. Was this game worth all the hype? Would I find it as fulfilling as promised? Sadly, the answer is yes…

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