Canning Sweet Yellow Peppers

This is my grandma's recipe for Sweet Yellow Peppers - They turn out perfectly, and my husband could eat an entire jar. In fact, when we did our first batch last week, we opened a jar at 10pm and ended up finishing it.

You can also make these Man Pleasin' Appetizers with them.

I planted 3 rows of Medium Hot Block and Sweet Yellow Peppers for these, because I wanted to can a lot, but you can make a small batch by just buying a basket full from a Farmers Market.

Get everything ready, because once you start, you won't want to stop,

the cut peppers can turn brown.

You'll need Peppers, of course
2 quarts of water
1 quart of white vinegar
1/2 cup salt
1 cup sugar
1 clove of garlic for each jar

(the above measurements make about 4 quarts, don't double the batch though, just make another as you need it.)

Be sure to wear gloves when handling peppers - you may think you'll be fine, but then you're fingers will start to tingle...and your eyes will start to itch so you scratch them. Next thing you know you'll be burning ALL over. And I mean-all-over...especially if you have to take a potty break.

Anyway, where were we?
The peppers... Lop off the tops, cut in half longways, scrape out the seeds and pull out the ribs. Cut in half again, so you have four nice long strips of pepper.
You're going to pack the peppers into the jars as tightly as you possibly can. I like to start out by making bouquet of about 8 pieces, putting them in, then one at a time after that, working all around the jar, laying it on it's side to work. Pack them in till it's way up to the top 1/2 inch down. You'll be surprised just how any peppers you can fit into one jar.
Place 1 clove of garlic into each.

Combine the vinegar, water, salt and sugar in a large pot, heat till good and hot, almost boiling.

Ladle the hot liquid over the peppers and use a butter knife to slide down the side to remove any air bubbles. Wipe the top of the jar rim clean, place on HOT lids and HOT rims. (see here for directions on heating rims and lids) Screw on tightly. Jars will "pop" seal within about 30 minutes.
Don't forget to label the jars with the date.

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