Can't believe it could happen to me

So I've been contemplating all day and trying to think of ways to make me feel better and decided why not write it out and tell a story.  why the hell not.. I haven't blogged in awhile :-)

The night started out great.  Came home from work, was relaxing and watching shows on until my best friend Sadie text me that she was hungry and wanted to see if I would want to grab dinner.  Of course I say yes!  I was in the mood for beer, yummy artichoke dip, salad and lots of girl talk.  and to make it even better my cute bartender could possibly be working (he was) so we headed to downtown Walnut Creek.

We are about to finish our dinner and pay and I reach for my purse that I hung on my chair, and then the shock hits me - there is nothing there.  I jump up and look on the ground around my seat only to find nothing.  I look up and my friend Sadie is looking at me and asks "what?"

"My purse is gone" I say in disbelief and shock.  and then I go into panic mode - need to cancel my cards, where is my phone, damn it - it's in my purse.  I need to call the police. my brain is going a mile a minute

Sadie calls my phone and a guy answers, and says "hello" and then they hang up.  She texts them saying "take the cash, just please bring back the purse . leave it outside"  I'm thinking that's a great idea, and then realize it probably won't ever happen cuz it's a Dooney & Burke.

And then it starts coming back to me.. all that was in my purse - my phone, two bank cards, my brand new lip gloss, my ID, damn it - my Flip video camera . all of my keys.  oh no, how am I going to get into my house?  or into my car?

Thank God Sadie was there with me.  She remained calm and I probably couldn't have gotten through it without her.  and the manager at the restaurant as well as the cute bartender/server were so helpful.  everyone was as shocked as me.  It's never happened there before.  I guess Walnut Creek isn't as safe as we always thought.  The cop who came was super helpful but even as she was taking the report I just kept thinking, I'm never going to see that stuff again - damn it, I loved that purse

And of course I keep thinking, I can't believe this happened to me.  How could I have been so dumb to hang it on my chair. to be so oblivious.  Is it karma?  Did it happen to me for a reason?

So I've decided to make a list of things I'm grateful for.  I've focused on the negative and lack all day so I suppose the best way to get out of my funk is to think of the positives and list why I'm grateful.

I'm grateful I wasn't hurt

I'm grateful my bank card hadn't een used yet when I cancelled it

I'm grateful Sadie was there and has Wamu as well so I had a number to call from her card

I'm grateful my Dad a spare key for my car

I'm grateful I had a place to stay last night

I'm grateful my kitchen window was unlocked and that Sadie is tall enough to climb in - I definitely wasn't

I'm grateful I have a reason to get a new driver's license now and can get rid of the writting on the back

I'm grateful that Sadie lent me her phone and for the helpful lady at the AT&T store who was helpful and fixed it to have my phone number - (so grateful I MIGHT keep the Yankees logo on it while I'm borrowing it)

I'm grateful now I have a reason to use the other purses that have just been hanging in my closet

I'm grateful that I have a roof over my head

I'm grateful I have a car


perhaps that person needed the money more than me..perhaps that person needs my stuff to eat... or at least get a drink in a bar in Walnut Creek

and hey! I got a hug from the cute bartender :)  it's a small thing but every little thing helps at the moment ;-)

and now my real question is, will they accept my expired passport when I fly on Saturday, Sunday and next Wednesday??? 


I'm grateful I'm alive 



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