Can't Knit, Finger Knit...

I can't knit.  I have been taught many times by many fine knitters. 

Alright, let me restate that.  I used to know how to knit.  In fact, as a teenager I knit myself a scarf.  Yeah, yeah, I know big deal! 

Also, I can knit while I am sitting next to a fine knitter.  But, as soon as I pull out my knitting needles while sitting at home by myself it doesn't work.  I don't know what happens, but it all goes to pot!  I knit and knit, drop a stitch, keep going, drop another stitch, eventually give up, pull out the stitches and then head to youtube so I can get started again.

With Brad holding my phone as I watch the video I try fail.  Boo!  I really want to be able to and be good at knitting.  I want to be able to knit fun things like hand warmers and cowls and hats.  I suppose I'll leave that up to the grandmothers and great aunts.

Violet is quite confused about the fact that I can't knit.  I suppose she thinks I can make anything, you know, because I am a super mom (tongue in cheek)! 

So, not wanting her to loose all faith in me I figured, why not give finger knitting a try.  It's something, right?  And something that she can learn to do as well. 

A few months ago we gave it a go, it was fun, but we didn't get very far.  And then, a few weeks ago, I gave it a go.  I made a shortish little chain while watching tv one night.  I tied it up into a circle and showed it to Violet the next morning.  She instantly fell in love with it as a scarf-like accessory.  So, I promised her I would make her one to wear for Christmas. 

How fun it was to be able to do some sort of crafting while driving to my mom's for the holidays. IMG_2846

I used some wonky yarn where it is skinny and then thick...I really like the way it looks in the scarf. IMG_2847Violet kept checking in on me from the back seat, like every 5 minutes!  It took me about an hour to make, I think.

She was so happy to put it on as soon as we arrived!  IMG_2852

I think it looks chic. IMG_6477

IMG_7310And she really loves it. IMG_7291So, as it turns out, she'll take finger knitting if that's all I can offer. 

Oh, and ps.  this is video I used to learn how to finger knit, very helpful.

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