It's my job to be that person for them.

And now that I'm in the classroom I can tell you that it's even more rewarding to be the one who is facilitating the learning. But the part I wasn't prepared for was the fact that my job would get way deeper than just academics. Like the first time I praised a child and told her how smart she was and she looked at me and said, "No one tells me that at home." Or, even more, the way their faces light up when I tell them I love them or I'm proud of them. The sad reality is that some children just don't get positive encouragement and praise at home....more

I stopped being a trainer and became a Trainer.

The next semester I made it a point to take more communication and business writing classes at school. I paid more attention in my technical writing classes. I sought out information on adult learning theory. I applied what I knew about translating Spanish into English to translation "complicated" English into English that anyone could understand. I stopped being a trainer and became a Trainer....more

Following Our Dreams Often Changes As We Do!

My blog is called Home Stories A to Z, and today I want to tell you a story. Many of you don't know this about me, but I led a completely different life up until four years ago. Decorating, DIY'ing, and making things beautiful has always been a hobby of mine, but it was never one of my career goals. In college, I knew that I was passionate about marriage, family, and relationships, so I majored in Psychology....more

The Heart of a Nurse

It's not about going above and beyond. It's about taking the time to do the small things that matter. Like taking that extra 5 minutes to listen to an elderly patient's wife tell you all about her husband's train collection, knowing that she is overwhelmed and just needs a moment of normalcy. Or like the amazing nurses that cared for Dad and gave Mom a dollar so she could run down to buy a cup of coffee. Nursing is about so much more than just patient care....more

Making A Difference

I grew so much that year and I owe a lot of it to Mrs. Calvert. On the last day of school, I had tears in my eyes, just like I had 9 months earlier.But instead of crying because Mrs. Calvert was going to be my teacher, I was crying because Mrs. Calvert wouldn't be my teacher anymore.That year confirmed that not only did I want to be a teacher, I wanted to be a teacher like Mrs. Calvert, who makes a difference in students' lives....more