Capri Sun Blogger Reviews & Healthy Family Tips

Capri Sun is good for moms and awesome for kids. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, Capri Sun is the perfect choice for the whole family.

Since 2008, more than 200 million Capri Sun pouches have been collected through Capri Sun's partnership with TerraCycle and recycled and upcycled into durable goods.  In 2012, Capri Sun invested in creating a new box for Capri Sun pouches, remaking the iconic box with paperboard instead of cardboard – a change that resulted in a 30 million pound reduction in packaging in 2012 - and Capri Sun juice drink pouches now have clear bottoms. Capri Sun is always looking for ways to improve its packaging while providing you with the great-tasting juice drink you’ve come to expect.

BlogHer and Capri Sun asked our bloggers to share their tips for fun and healthy family activities. Click on the links below to read their posts!

Soccer Fun with Capri Sun

You know all those things you said you NEVER would become? Like a driver of a minivan, a coupon fanatic, a person who wears sweat pants everywhere, a soccer mom...? Well, this summer it came to my attention that I AM a soccer mom. In every sense of the word! I spend my Saturdays on the soccer field, I am constantly searching for a missing cleat or shin guard, I'm married to the soccer coach... and soccer is the only sport my kids play!...more

How to Be an Awesome Soccer Mom

This year is the very first year our family has jumped into the world of soccer. We signed our five and our eight-year-old up for the spring league, and it was such a great experience! I had no idea how to be a good soccer mom, but nothing like a little hands-on experience to teach me quickly! This is what I've learned from our first soccer season......more

Kickin' It with Capri Sun

As my sons are six- and eight-years-old, their sports teams like for parents to still bring a snack after games. It rotates among the parents, and we usually only have to bring a snack once a season. When we do, we bring Capri Sun (again, so easy to lug around) as the drink. I told the boys that Capri Sun is an official sponsor of Major League Soccer, and they thought that was awesome. They love soccer....more

25 Fun Family Activities for Anytime!

I view all fun family activities as something healthy for families to do. They might not all be physically healthy activities [in the sense of going for a family bike ride], but they are all healthy in the sense that we'll all have better relationships with each other. Working on our family as a unit. These are 25 fun family activities to do to build healthy relationships as a family, anytime!...more

Kids vs Pros MLS Soccer Showdown [Capri Sun]

Capri Sun has always been part of our soccer experience. It is our drink of choice when we are in charge of snacks after the game. I have never met a kid that didn't like them and there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in their 100% Juice products, which can't be said for most sports drinks....more

Kids vs Pros MLS Soccer Showdown with Capri Sun

My son has been playing soccer for 11 years. He is obsessed with it, always talking about famous players, showing me goal shots on You Tube, and always searching for the coolest cleats. It keeps us busy and I don't mind....more

Capri Sun: A Soccer Mom's MVP

Having an active, healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me and my family. Luckily, my kids love playing sports, especially soccer. We spend a lot of time practicing soccer and playing soccer (and driving to soccer games)! When it comes to keeping the kiddos hydrated, there's only one brand of drink for this soccer mom: Capri Sun....more

5 important lessons learned from kids soccer

Getting outside and being active?  Good for kids and moms.  Learning how to be a part of a team?  Good for kids and moms.  Although I love watching Audrey play soccer, I am actually torn between three different activities on game night, as I have three kids out playing!...more

Our summer beverage of choice

If you know me, you know I hate to be stuck at home. Even though sometimes I think the boys would rather just hole up in the air conditioning, I get stir crazy. I'll do anything to get out of the house. Fortunately, between sports and birthday parties and trips to the park, I don't have to think too hard about things to do....more

Soccer Life: Team Snacks and Capri Sun

These days if your child is participating in any kind of sport you have a very high likelihood that there will be some sort of team snack schedule that you will be a part of for the duration of said sport. We have our two oldest in soccer and team snacks after every game are a just a part of soccer life. The kids look forward to them after each game....more