Capri Sun Super V Reviews and Sweepstakes!

Introducing the all-new Capri Sun Super V. There’s one combined serving of fruits and veggies packed in every pouch. With flavors like apple, fruit punch, or berry, there’s really no cooler way to have your fruits and veggies!

Read how bloggers keep their kids fueled for an active day while they try Capri Sun Super V. Visit each blog below to learn more and share your comment for a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000 or $500 first prize!

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Drink your Capri Sun Super V! And $1000 Gift Card Giveaway!

In our home I'm pretty strict about the food that we eat and want to make our options healthy. But I also have kids - seven of them - and they want their food to taste good, to look cool, and to be fun. And, shhhh, I really like it for my kids to get their vegetables....more


I know I talk a lot about how No. 3 son is PICKY EATER, but let me assure you, I am NOT exaggerating. He IS a picky eater! Attempting to get him to eat fruits or vegetables is a losing proposition. That’s why this next story is so funny! (Well, to me at least.) :-)...more

Who wants a Capri Sun?

Ask almost anyone who knows me well, I’ll take a Capri Sun over a soda any day. When I’m at birthday parties for children, I’ll often hear the host of the party point to the cooler of sodas for the adults, then the cooler of Capri Suns for the kids. I’ll wait til they aren’t looking, and sneak a kids drink for myself. I’ve always loved the little jolt of sweet sugar I get when sipping at those cute little pouches....more

$1,000 Sweepstakes~Kraft Super V Capri Sun!

Maybe it's the challenge of finding just the right angle to get the pointy straw into the hole on the first try. Maybe it's the silvery pouch which makes it so much easier to get every last drop. Maybe it's the fact that the same silvery pouch, once empty, can provide endless entertainment in the form of blowing back into it and finding some  unsuspecting soul to go up to and say, "Hey, look at how full this is!"...more

Capri Sun Super V and $1000 Giveaway

I just don't buy fruit snacks or fun drinks for them very often. Part of it is a budget issue, but mostly it's a nutrition issue. I feel like my kids get candy and junk food often enough for rewards, at the bank, the doctor, etc., that I don't feel like I need to feed their hyper, bouncing off the walls energy with even more dyed, sugary treats and drinks...just because....more

Healthy Road Trip Eats & Drinks

Capri Sun has a new fruit and vegetable juice blend out called Super V. When I freeze it and use it in the cooler as an ice pack, it means I have more space to pack healthy snacks! My kids love to drink the juice when it’s almost defrosted. They love the slushy effect and think it’s a cool and special treat. Since I’m always looking for ways to sneak in some vegetables, it’s a win-win for kids and mama. I feel great about letting them have it, and they genuinely love it....more

Getting Our Fruits and Veggies {Giveaway}

It was something I was excited to taste, especially after learning that each drink contains one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. Now, I don’t know about you, but if my son isn’t really eating as many vegetables due to the heat, but he is drinking as much as possible, I want to make sure the fruits and vegetables he needs are in there. He does like to drink our fruit and vegetable smoothies, but these SuperV drinks have a ton more going for them in the “cool department” when his friends come over to visit or we’re on the dock at the lake than my smoothies do....more

Super-V to the Rescue…and a $1,000 Gift Card for YOU!

Capri Sun Super V is the perfect juice to throw in the cooler for your child’s big game! Or if you’re lounging around the house, pair it up with some other healthy snacks like berry kiwi summer salsa, nutter butter nuggets, or more simply: apples, bananas, baby carrots, or oranges. Sometimes all they need in the afternoon is just a little juice to keep them cheery before dinner time {we all know how that goes!}...more

Thumbs Up for Capri Sun’s New Super V and Your Chance To Win a $1,000 Visa Gift Card

Haley and Trevor love snacks, too. What kid doesn’t? It’s a bit of a running joke that at almost the same time every day, the kids come tearing into the kitchen asking, “Is it snack time?” Paul says he sets his watch by it. Even though they like fruits and even a lot veggies, I still struggle with what to give them every day – finding that balance between healthy and also fun and inviting. Something different, so nothing becomes too predictable that they grow tired of it....more

Healthy Snacking Habits for Kids {Sweepstakes!}

My kids are big fans of vegetable juice, from carrot to green blends. So, when I offered themKraft‘s Capri Sun Super V Juice, they could care less that it contained sweet potato or carrot juice. They didn’t care that it is a good source of fiber, containing 10% of the daily recommended amounts. Quite frankly, they couldn’t taste the vegetables, just another great tasting juice from the pouch they recognize and love....more